Dear participants,

Since we are already in the final stage of the conference preparation, we would like to inform all participants that the schedule (please check the website URL: is final and the committee will not be accepting any request to change presentation schedule.
Thank you for your kind support to ensure the success of APRISH 2017.
Please read the following guideline carefully:

Presentation guideline:
– One presenter from each panel has been chosen as the Moderator (M), who is charge of managing the panel (asking each presenter to come forward and do their presentation, making sure the presenters do not exceed the time for the presentation and leading the Q&A session)
– Each presenter will have 10-15 minutes for presentation (8-10 PPT slides only). Although you may use Bahasa Indonesia for delivering your presentation, the PPT slides should be in English.  Use pointers or visuals and large fonts (minimum 20 points) for reasons of clarity and readability
– There will be a time keeper putting up signs informing the presenter about the time. STOP sign means the presenter should end the presentation in order to give time for other presenters (and enough time for Q&A)

The PPT file has to be sent to this email address:
Email subject: Panel Number_Stream_1st author name Example: 2A_ECON_JON SNOW
Deadline: Tuesday, 26 September 2017 (Midnight)

The committee will be saving all the presentation files in the laptops that will be used in each room so every presentation file will be ready to be used in each panel room. If you do not send your PPT file before the deadline, you are responsible to bring your own laptop for the presentation (USB transfer is not allowed in case of virus transfer). However, if you decide to use your own laptop, the time used for connecting your computer  will be deducted from your presentation time. This is to ensure every participant gets the same amount of time for the presentation and there will be enough time for Q&A.

Best regards,
Manneke Budiman, PhD.
Conference Director
The 2nd APRiSH 2017