Dear participants,

Thank you for sending us the proof of payment for your registration. If you have already sent us the proof of payment, we have included you in the list of registered participants for the re-registration process on the first day of the conference.

If you have not paid the registration fee or you have not sent the proof of payment to, you are not yet listed as a registered participant so please make sure you complete the registration process as soon as possible (deadline: 25 September 2017, 5 pm)

As we are checking the proof of payments and listing the registered participants, we encounter several problems, so please make sure:
1. Attach the proof of payment (bank transfer or atm receipt) with the email
2. List the name of the participants and make sure the number of participants are in accordance with the amount of reg. fee you have paid
3. If for a co-authored paper, there is only 1 payment (hanya 1 orang yang membayar dari beberapa penulis), the other authors are not listed as registered conference participants.
4. If you are not presenting a paper and you are paying the registration fee as a participant, please give a detailed explanation in your email.

Thank you and we are looking forward to see all of you in Depok soon …

Best regards,
Manneke Budiman, PhD.
Conference Director
The 2nd APRiSH 2017